tiny tales
tall tales for tiny people

up 'n' away!


no problem.

just email olivia at oliviapgriffiths@gmail.com

…but have a gander at the form below first to see if your question is answered there!

for a tale:

$100 per digital illustrated poem
$150 per hard copy illustrated poem
$220 per digital illustrated short story
$350 per hard copy illustrated short story

if you’re looking for something longer-form, discuss that with olivia in your follow up conversation :)

please include age.
what type of tale would you like this to be? *
what would you like us to explore? i.e. friendship, empathy + acceptance, possibility, ethics, silliness, creativity ...
things to do, things to play with, things to think about.
describe the location + landscape in a few lines.
friends, pets, family members ... descriptions always help too!
N.B. the cost for each tale is dependent on the tale, ranging from $100 per digital illustrated poem, to $350 per hard copy illustrated short story (pricing breakdown listed at the top of the page).
eeeee exciting! your tale is almost on its way! thank you + you will hear from us soon!